who are we?
We are a family that loves nature and sports, rooted in our land and in love with Cap de Creus, which seeks to connect with the sea in the most ecological way possible to enjoy our paradise.

What we seek is that our products be as respectful as possible of marine life and therefore minimize any impact on our sea and its ecosystem.

We hope that in this way you can enjoy this magical place with respect and fun.
Respect for nature
The environment of the Costa Brava is our home and we want to keep it just as beautiful and natural. That is why all our activities are designed to create the least possible impact on the environment. We respect flora and fauna; especially in the area of Cap de Creus, where we avoid the use of combustion engines to take care of the protected native species and the tranquility of our customers who want to enjoy the landscape by water bike, scooter surfing, paddle surfing, kayak surfing ...
Unforgettable experiences
We all need to escape the routine, disconnect, enjoy nature. Leisure is perfect for doing different things, learning, relaxing and recharging your batteries. We are aware that the management of our free time is becoming increasingly important. And because we know how important it is, we want to make the most of it.
Safe adventures
We wouldn’t be talking about adventure if we weren’t talking about security as well. Better slowly. You don't have to risk venturing off the Costa Brava. It is necessary to know the environment perfectly; know, for example, whether an approaching storm advises canceling an activity and preventing it from becoming a nightmare. Quality materials, qualified professionals and proper training always allow safety to prevail.

If you share these values, fun is guaranteed with us!