garage service

Do you have aquatic equipment that takes up a lot of space in your home or garage and would you like to be able to release it to use this space to stucco other objects? At Costa Brava Water Bikes we give you the opportunity to store your equipment a stone’s throw from the sea and the surrounding beaches.

Now you can save your surfboard, water bike, paddle surf, kayak … for € 1.20 a day !!

In addition, you can use the changing room provided by our premises to change before and after the water activity you carry out.

Remember in front of our place the parking is free!


The times indicated must be respected according to the time of year in which we are, as they may vary.

The premises must be respected and kept clean.

It will be possible to have a fresh water hose to remove the sea salt from the aquatic material.

It will be possible to have the changing room of the premises to change before and after carrying out the aquatic activity as long as the indicated hygienic norms are respected.

Minimum duration of garage service, one full month.